Key Dates:

Thursday 11th July - Sports Day

Monday 15th July - The Bridge Paultons Park Trip

Tuesday 16th July - Year 7 & 8 Chessington Trip - All students attending this trip must arrive on site by 8:20am.

Wednesday 17th July - Year 9 & 10 Thorpe Park Trip - All students attending this trip must arrive on site by 8:20am.

Friday 19th July - End of term, school closes at 12:30pm

Staff at The Portsmouth Academy honoured in Thank a Superhero scheme

July 3, 2024 10:30am

Congratulations to staff at The Portsmouth Academy who have been recognised for their contribution to Transform Life Chances within the ‘Thank a Superhero’ citywide initiative.

The recognition, which is led by Teach Portsmouth in collaboration with Portsmouth City Council, launched to honour the incredible achievements of school staff.

There has been an overwhelming response, with more than 600 heartfelt thank you messages being received from students, parents, educational staff and carers from across the city.

Here are the members of staff at The Portsmouth Academy who have been recognised as a ‘Superhero’:

Mr Andrews. He was thanked by a member of staff who said: “Chris has been instrumental this year in ensuring the smooth running of the academy and ensuring that I have felt supported through my first term of managing a core department. His dedication to the school is inspiring and I feel more confident in my role as a result of his leadership.”

Ms Traut. She was Deborah was praised by a member of staff who said: “The support that Deborah has offered to the department this academic year is incredible, and I could not ask for a more dedicated leader in my department. Her unwavering support for staff and students at TPA has inspired me every day to continue to believe in our ability to help our students to achieve their potential both academically and socially.”

Ms Fairley. She was recognised by a member of staff who said: “Jo has been instrumental in supporting teaching across our department this academic year. Her organisation and support for individual teachers in the department has helped to ensure that they feel supported and able to improve. Additionally, Jo has been integral in ensuring the outstanding running of external trips and internal events at the academy, and without her input and support we would not have been able to offer students these opportunities.”

Ms Andrews. She was appreciated by a member of staff who said: “Amy has made significant and impactful changes since arriving at TPA. These changes have been beneficial across the entire school community, and helped to ensure that students are being provided with the best opportunities to progress. Her unwavering dedication to supporting our students to achieve is inspirational and has driven the department to aspire towards more greatness for our students. Amy has been a fantastic asset in the department, and I hope that she can continue to contribute for many years to come.”

Ms Blackmore. She was acknowledged by a member of staff who said: “Sarah is always working to support her students and staff. She goes above and beyond every day to support the school and seems to be everywhere all at once. The respect staff and students have for her cannot be measured.”

Mrs Williams and Miss Kendell. They were thanked by a parent who said: “Thank you for the two fantastic Belgium trips your organised and took students on in 2022/23. Your time and commitment in making the trips memorable is noticeable. Little details to improving the second trip is appreciated by ensuring the dinners were outside the hostel. Ensure parents were kept updated and keeping a coach load of students entertained during the long delay at the port was simply amazing! Just keep organising these historical trips - they help with the understanding of history and the confidence of my child - just a huge thank you.”