Key Dates:

Thursday 11th July - Sports Day

Monday 15th July - The Bridge Paultons Park Trip

Tuesday 16th July - Year 7 & 8 Chessington Trip - All students attending this trip must arrive on site by 8:20am.

Wednesday 17th July - Year 9 & 10 Thorpe Park Trip - All students attending this trip must arrive on site by 8:20am.

Friday 19th July - End of term, school closes at 12:30pm


At The Portsmouth Academy, we believe that regular attendance is vital for your child's educational success and overall development.

Consistent attendance ensures that students are able to fully engage with the curriculum, participate in valuable classroom discussions, and build strong relationships with their peers and teachers.

Poor attendance can lead to gaps in knowledge, reduced academic performance, and a diminished sense of community and belonging.

By prioritising good attendance, you are helping your child build a solid foundation for their future, both academically and socially. 

Why does good attendance matter? 

  • There are 190 school days in each academic year. This means your children spend 175 days a year at home. 
  • If a student misses 2 school days per month during your child's school life, this adds up to an entire year of school missed. 
  • If your child is having struggles coming to school then please let us know. We can help! 
  • A 2 week holiday in term time means the highest attendance your child can achieve that academic year is 94.7%, below average. 
  • It is the law to have children in school during term time. Parents and carers can be fined and, in some worst cases,  sent to prison if their child does not attend school. 

Our whole school community is required to follow eight expectations to ensure everyone has a positive experience.

We call this 'The TPA Way' which is listed below. One key element focuses on the importance of being punctual and having good attendance.   

  • I come to school with the correct equipment I need so that learning time is not wasted.
  • I wear the school uniform correctly because I am proud to be part of TPA.
  • I follow the one-way system so that corridors are safe for everyone. 
  • I am always in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. 
  • I listen to my teachers so that the culture of the classroom is good for everyone. 
  • I go to break with the rest of the key stage and keep the school clean and tidy. 
  • If I disagree, I do it in the right place, at the right time, in the right tone of voice. 
  • I always try to be my best self when it comes to learning and getting on with everyone.