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  • Monday 27th May to Friday 31st May - Half Term, School Closed to Students
  • Monday 3rd June - New Term, School Day Starts at 8:30am

The Portsmouth Academy

Empowering Young People to Meet the World

Welcome to The Portsmouth Academy 

Empowering Young People to Meet the World 

Welcome to The Portsmouth Academy. Our mission is to empower every pupil that comes to our school to meet the world with the knowledge and skills to prepare them for life. 

Our work is build on a foundation of our three core values: Aspire, Achieve and Respect

The Portsmouth Academy provides education to our students not just to support their academic progress, but to develop them into self-reflective learners with the knowledge and skills to become valuable members of any community.

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We work with students so that they are aspirational and ready for their next steps and, most importantly, understand their role and place both within their local community and beyond.


The personal development of our students is vital for them to be able to reach their full potential. We know that successful people are able to both reflect on their strengths, and know the areas which they wish to develop in order to be successful in the next stage of their journey.


Respect for others, and respect for our ourselves. This encompasses the school culture we seek to instill in our corridors and classrooms so that our young people are able to develop, personally and academically, in a considerate environment. 

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