Key Dates:

Tuesday 25th June: Early Closure, Students Dismissed at 12:30pm

Wednesday 26th June: Year 9 Progress Evening 3:40pm - 6:30pm Click here to book now.


What is bullying?

Bullying is behaviour that is:

  • repeated
  • intended to hurt someone either physically or emotionally
  • often aimed at certain groups, for example because of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation

What are the different types of bullying?

  • Physical Bullying
  • Verbal Bullying
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Indirect Bullying

How do I know if somebody is being bullied?

If somebody is being bullied they may:

  • Behave differently to how they usually behave
  • Seem quiet and anxious
  • Appear to be sad or upset
  • Lack in confidence when they are usually confident
  • Say they don’t feel well, especially first thing in the morning
  • Start to do less well at school
  • Not want to walk to school or to leave the house on evenings or weekends
  • Not want to come to school
  • Skip lessons
  • Have trouble sleeping and seem to be tired all the time because they aren’t sleeping properly
  • Become aggressive or disruptive
  • Have some unexplained cuts or bruises
  • Ask for money or have no money at lunchtimes
  • Hurt themselves on purpose

What happens if I report bullying?

Bullying of any type and by anyone will not be tolerated at The Portsmouth Academy.

  • All staff will take bullying seriously
  • Bullying will be investigated
  • Statements from the person experiencing bullying, the student carrying out the bullying behaviour and any witnesses. We may also view CCTV footage
  • Where bullying is found to have happened the student carrying out the bullying behaviour will be punished and the person experiencing bullying will be supported
  • Parents/carers of those involved will be informed
  • Teachers will be told so that they are aware of any concerns

Bullying: Report It!